Funny First Dance

There are many different ways to make a wedding special. One of these ways is to surprise guests with a funny first dance. Check out the video below to get an idea of what can be done to make the first dance a little more memorable.

Italian Wedding Songs

Here are some beautiful Italian wedding songs. If you’ve ever been to an Italian wedding, you may recognize some of these. If you click on the YouTube video you can hear what each song sounds like. (If you’re like me, you’ll love them all!)

Ti Amo by Umberto Tozzi

Tarantella Napoletana

O Sole Mio

Angelina by Louis Prima

Top 10 Most Beautiful Wedding Love Songs

Finding the perfect songs for your wedding can be easy with these beautiful love songs. Having the right music selection for your wedding can show your guests how much you and your loved one truly feel for each other. Each song has its own feelings, but all resemble love. Finding the right song that distinctly rings true for your love is the best way to make your wedding uniquely yours.

This list contains many of the most romantic wedding love songs that have ever been written. By choosing of the many beautiful songs mentioned here, you will have a beautiful wedding complete with the perfect music that you will remember as time goes on for you and your one true love.

Annie’s Song

Although, Annie’s Song by John Denver was written and recorded in 1974, it continues to be one of the most popular song played at weddings. Perhaps this is due to the beautiful lyrics along with the wonderful melody that are so much a part of this song. What you may not know is that this song was written as an ode to his then-wife Annie in just over ten minutes while Denver was thinking of her as he was riding up a ski lift. What makes this song perfect for any wedding is that Denver does not actually say the name “Annie” anywhere in the song.

Here Comes the Sun

“Here Come the Sun” is a beautiful song to play when you want your wedding guests to know how much your loved one lights up your life. This Beatles song was highly popular when it was first released and continues to be a popular song. This song is perhaps one of George Harrison’s best known songs and contributions to The Beatles. Whether you’re a Beatles fan or want to share a great song at your wedding, “Here Comes the Sun” is a great song that will create an unforgettable experience on the big day!

Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

“Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” is a beautiful choice for a wedding as it conveys the message of true love. This is why it is so popular at weddings. This song was originally released in October 1961, but continues to be popular as many artists have covered the song including UB40 whose cover topped charts in 1993. This wedding love song will truly help make the day that you marry your true love a memorable one.

How Sweet It Is

Many people know of “How Sweet It Is” as that James Taylor song, but what you may not be aware of is that this is actually a cover of Marvin Gaye’s original. Regardless of who sings the song best, it is an absolutely wonderful song to play at a wedding whether it is for a dance or just music played in the background at the reception. The lyrics, “How sweet it is to be loved by you” will ring true for the bride and groom as they share their wedding day together. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Then He Kissed Me

“Then He Kissed Me” is a great song for any bride or bride-to-be who is is deeply in love with her groom. This song is an upbeat, fun song from the early 1960s recorded by The Crystals. Later, the Beech Boys changed some of the song lyrics in order to fit the title, “And Then I Kissed Her.” Using the Beach Boys version alongside the Crystals version would be a great way to make your wedding unique and show your guests the love that the two of you share for each other. The energy in the song will make it fun for everyone!

The Way You Look Tonight

A list of the best wedding love songs would not be complete without at least one Frank Sinatra song. Frank Sinatra could dominate any wedding must-have list, so we’ll keep it to just one song. That said, go check out more of Frank Sinatra’s work to hear some great songs for a wedding. The Way You Look Tonight is perhaps one of Sinatra’s greatest and makes for a perfect song at a wedding and chances are you’ve heard it at a wedding whether it be a friend’s wedding or wedding you’ve seen in a movie. This song is always enchanting and never gets old. It is as timeless as love.

Everything I Do

You may know “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams from the end of the 1991 version of Robin Hood starring Costner. It is a brilliant love song that shares how you would do anything for your loved one. This song is absolutely beautiful and nothing short of epic, which alone would make it perfect for a wedding. Bryan Adams puts a ton of passion in the melody and the lyrics really do his singing style justice. It’s not overly cheesy, either, as many love songs from the early 90’s and late 80’s were.


Amazed by Lonestar is one of the more modern songs on the list, but really is already a classic love song. This song does have a strong country feel so it might not be for everyone, but its lyrics will ring true for any bride and groom. This song is about how strong love is and how much a groom (or bride) would want to spend an eternity with their one true love. By hearing this song you will be wrapped in that same loving feeling you will feel on your wedding day which makes it a perfect song selection.

Endless Love

Endless Love was originally recorded as a duet by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie and used in the Brooke Shields film with the same title. Later, Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross recorded a duet of the song making it popular again. Recently, the cast of Glee also did a cover of the song. Those looking to use this beautiful song have a number of versions to choose from whether it’s the timeless original version or the hot, new Glee version. Whichever version is chosen, the lyrics and melody are essentially the same… all giving the same feeling to the bride, groom, and wedding guests — that of endless love.

All My Life

Those who remember K-Ci & Jojo know the song “All My Life.” While this band is also known for another love song, “Crazy” which you also should check out, the song “All My Life” is slightly more popular for weddings. This song speaks of a true love worth waiting for and will share with your guests the fact that the person you’ve just married is the person you’ve waited all your life for. You feel so happy that you’ve finally found “the one” and this song will show that to everyone, including your loved one.


These are just a few of the greatest wedding love songs that you can choose for your wedding. There are literally hundreds of songs you can choose from, but these are love songs that have withstood the test of time. Like your love for each other, these songs will continue to be timeless. If you have chosen other songs for your wedding, please share them below so we can hear stories about which music made your wedding perfect.